Carla Smith carries the 2012 Olympic Torch

Carla carried the Olympic Torch on Monday July 2nd 2012 through Oadby, Leicester.

Carla Smith, PA in the Transplant Laboratory LGH, carried the Olympic Torch when it arrived in Leicester on July 2nd. Carla carried the lighted flame on the stretch from Oadby to Leicester . Carla was nominated, and chosen by the London Olympic Committee Of the Games (LOCOG) for her enthusiasm and dedication to sport following her live-related renal transplant in 2001 operated on by the LGH Transplant team. Her sister was the donor

Mumtaz Suleman (Vice Chair) got to meet Carla and got a chance to hold the Olympic Torch which was a once in a liftime time chance, so she took it!!  "This is a fine example of

why we need to start thinking of becoming organ donors."