This Event was held at the MKA Centre on Sunday 16th December 2012 in the main hall which was decorated with special Hajj banners and bunting. Hajji's are people who have been for pilgrimage to Mecca. MKA representatives went personally to all the Hajji’s homes to invite them and their families. (special invitation cards were made for this occasion) All  MKA Committee Members got together and made food for this event including pizza, chicken, samosa, assorted sandwiches, bhajia, cakes, biscuits and much more. . All Hajjis’s had photographs taken with their families when they were presented a commemorative framed certificate with lovely wishes for their hajj from the MKA to mark this Event. All Hajjis’ and their family were very touched by the whole experience that evening and felt very honoured and couldn’t thank enough for all the hard work the MKA Committee Members had put in.