All MKA text subscribers were sent a message inviting them to the “BRING A DISH EVENT” to celebrate Eid Ul Adha. This took place in the main hall at our MKA Centre on 3rd November 2012. The hall was decorated with special Eid banners and other decorations. Lots of families came together to celebrate and brought with them variety of food.

All the children who came to the Event were given a present from MKA, this was much appreciated by them and they felt special and happy as all children love receiving gifts especially for Eid!

All the Committee Members and Trustees got together and bought a cake specially made with MKA Logo/Happy Birthday MKA Chairman and surprised Mr Razak Ghumran as it was his birthday! Yahya Thadha one of the Trustees who celebrated his birthday a few days before was also surprised with a cake! Both were overwhelmed with the gesture and everyone at the Event enjoyed the cake too!